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Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Hello All,

So what happened with 75orLess in the past year? At the review website, the number of writers slowly dwindled until it was obvious by October (our ninth year anniversary!) that to keep the website fresh with new content regularly, we would need to expand beyond just posting reviews. So, starting the first week of 2011, that is the plan. The updates you usually see on this blog page will be taking place at the review website.

As for the music label, we kept busy the entire year promoting live shows and eventually releasing 21 cds in 2010. February 2011 will be the label's fifth anniversary, during which we have had a total of 96 releases.

In the first half of 2011, 75orLess will release an EP from Broadcaster, two full lengths from The Masons, the first of three already completed EP's from Walltrax (a diePods side project), a full length from Lloyd's Llamas, a split 12inch by The Blood Moons & Six Star General, a new EP from Mike Mountain, and a full length album recorded entirely at the 75orLess house from Baylies Band.

The Providence Phoenix has Mark Cutler, Coma Coma and Six Star General in it's 2010 Top Ten Local releases list. .

Click here for a free 14 song sampler from various 2010 label releases including Girl Haggard, Coma Coma, The Jesse Minute, Suicide Bill, The Doll Eyes, Skinny Millionaires, Six Star General, Eight Pictures, Found Dead In Trunk and Ming Toro.

Big thank yous to everyone who helped out, purchased the label releases, visited the website, the clubs who let us book shows, the writers, and especially the bands themselves who understand that we are a tiny organization, working without pay and on very limited budgets to promote their music.

Here they are, in reverse order, all 21 of the 2010 releases.

Suicide Bill and The Liquors - Good Morning Breakfast, F#$% You Lunch
Six Star General - Six
Eight Pictures - Millions of Faces
The Doll Eyes - Too Many Feelings
Before The Masons
The Skinny Millionaires - Sleeping Dogs Lie
Found Dead in Trunk - The Fried Demon Sessions EP
Six Star General - Pipeline
Ill Ease/Lazer Crust - A Double Edged Sword Reversed split cd
Girl Haggard - Country and Eastern
Crotchthrottle - Slap Fight at the Coffee Shop
The Jesse Minute - Shut Up and Play
Wolverton Brothers - Crooked
Ming Toro - self titled ep
Coma Coma - Chateau Rex
The Jesse Minute - This Happened Live at AS220
Mustache Ride - Live in Sneakytown
Mustache Ride - 20,000 Leagues Under the Scene
Baylies Band - Man Ray & Vague Knitting
Nature/Nurture - EP002
Mark Cutler - Red

Below are details on all of the releases. You can purchase them all here.

75OL-107 Suicide Bill and The Liquors - Good Morning Breakfast, Fuck You Lunch!

Lo-Fi rock and roll songs specifically recorded to be played very loudly on the stereo of a delivery vehicle. Do you like sloppy music with some kind of feeling? Suicide Bill and the Liquors do and try their damnedest to present 12 examples on this record. The songs sound pretty good on the CD player in Bill's work car and the cassette deck in your Mom's Escort. $7.00 postpaid.

75OL-100 Six Star General - Six

Their sixth studio album. Recorded over two sessions in Fall 2010, one in October with Kraig Jordan (who also added keys to some songs) at Plan of a Boy in Providence and a second in November with Scott Rancourt at Summing Point in Newport. A mixed batch - three instrumentals, a few long psych-rock jams, an ode to the lead singer of The diePods, and short bursts of weirded out pop rock. In all, just about 45 minutes of music from outer space. $7.00 postpaid.

75OL-111 Eight Pictures - Millions of Faces

Eight Pictures is UK based songwriter and instrumentalist Stephen Guy. Millions of Faces takes the best eleven tracks from his two self released albums 'Fairground in the Trees' and 'Music for a Northern Road Movie'. The tunes on this album are melodic, indie, fuzzy pop songs and instrumentals. You won't see Eight Pictures playing live and all tracks are recorded at home on an eight track studio. For fans of Apples in Stereo and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Limited to 75 silkscreened numbered copies. $6.50 postpaid.

75OL-109 The Doll Eyes - Too Many Feelings

"Too Many Feelings", the first full length album by Rhode Island and Massachusetts punk-bar band quartet The Doll Eyes, tells the tales of flawed working men whose scales precariously balance virtue and vice. This furious 37 minute disc includes 6 tracks previously released on the 666 CD Split Volume 1 and seven new tracks. Limited to 125 silkscreened copies. $6.00 postpaid.

75OL-101 The Skinny Millionaires - Sleeping Dogs Lie

Despite the band having many revolving members, the foundation is Mike O'Donnell, who wrote all the songs, recorded 90% of the album himself, and played all the instruments except the violin on most of it. Violin was done by wiz kid Meghan O'Connor. Despite being stabbed 3 times, lighting his face on fire at a show, and having two separate blood transfusions, this album became a sort of "I'll finish this thing if it kills me" type project, and took about 4 years to finish. The album was started upon Mikes return from Seattle around late 2006 early 2007. It was recorded by Scott Rancourt at Summing Point, and has a few garage rock burners, but is mostly a mix of dark themed folk songs with lush string arrangements and beautiful female backup vox, written by a guy who grew up in punk bands. Folk-noir, maybe. It also features guest vocals by rising star John McCauley, of the band Deer Tick, and Kevin Cole of The Turbo AC's, and the cover art designed by Grammy-nominated illustrator David Jorgensen, most famous for illustrating The Velveteen Rabbit and Goodnight Moon. $10 postpaid.

Also available as a digital download here.

75OL-108 Before The Masons

It was left for lost in a cross-country move 15 years ago. It was found in a shoebox, inside of a suitcase, down in the basement. It contains over 50 minutes of rock songs, pop songs, instrumentals, experiments, soundscapes and answering machine messages put to music. Recorded from 1991-1992 on one 4 track in 3 apartments. A musical diary. A sonic time machine. Travel back almost 20 years to the time Before The Masons. $6 postpaid.

75OL-104 Coma Coma - 'Coma Cola' white t-shirt with logo 11" x 3", centered on front in red ink. White shirts only. Haynes Heavyweight 100% Preshrunk Cotton short sleeve shirt. Sizes available are S, M, L, or XL. Shirt size will be confirmed before shipping. $10 postpaid.

75OL-099 Found Dead in Trunk - The Fried Demon Sessions

Found Dead in Trunk's Lee Malone is trapped in a personal madness that he can't escape from and these songs are proof of the descending madness that slowly engulfs your trailer park. Limited to 125 silkscreened copies. $6.50 postpaid.

75OL-106 Six Star General - star logo with lightning bolt t-shirt, logo 7" x 7", centered on front in red and black inks. Charcoal shirts only. Gildan Preshrunk 100% Cotton short sleeve shirt. Sizes available are S, M, L, or XL. Shirt size will be confirmed before shipping. $10 postpaid

75OL-094 Six Star General - Pipeline

Eleven tracks, recorded live at WMBR's Pipeline show in March 2010. Limited to 100 silkscreened copies. $7.00 postpaid.

75OL-105 Mark Cutler - Red album cover t-shirt in red and black inks on white Gildan Activewear Ultra Cotton Heavyweight t-shirts. Logo sized 10" x 10" and centered on front. Sizes available are S, M, L, or XL. Shirt size will be confirmed before shipping. Limited to 40 shirts. $15.00 postpaid.

75OL-098 Ill Ease / Lazer Crust - A Double Edged Sword Reversed (Double EP) CD

Louisville-based Lazer Crust toggles between candid torch ballads, explosive '60s style R&B, unironic glam rock, and a lo-fi indie pop aesthetic, Lazer Crust holds a singular vision while expanding their tectonic sonic palette. Ill Ease was initially a recording project, born sometime around 1998, when an old 8-track, a haunted piano and a guitar amp with no off-switch for the vibrato were left in an abandoned auto shop in Brooklyn. $6.00 postpaid.

75OL-103 Coma Coma - Blue t-shirt with band Logo 7" x 7", centered on front in red and white inks. Blue shirts only. Haynes Heavyweight 100% Preshrunk Cotton short sleeve shirt. Sizes available are S, M, L, or XL. Please indicate size in Paypal notes when ordering. $10.00 postpaid.

75OL-096 Girl Haggard - Country and Eastern

Formed in December 2008, Girl Haggard's goals were simple and easily attained: play rock 'n roll/country music, play it loud and fast, while drinking beer and whiskey. The newly-formed band played their first show in February of '09. All were instantly addicted, and it seemed they were onto something too; people were into what they were doing! So began a non-stop stream of live shows, each one better and more booze soaked than the last, gaining accolades along the way; nominees for Breakthrough Act of the Year in 2009 Providence Phoenix, winners of Best Americana Act of the Year in Motif Music Awards. Pausing the gig-blitzkrieg just long enough to record, the country punk quartet is now releasing their debut album "Country and Eastern", to help get you through those long, sleepless, lonely, sober nights between shows. Limited to 125 silkscreened copies. $8.00 postpaid.

Also available as a digital download here.

75OL-102 Coma Coma - Black t-shirt with logo sized 9" x 5" and centered on front in yellow ink. Black shirts only. Haynes Heavyweight 100% Preshrunk Cotton short sleeve shirt. Sizes available are S, M, L, or XL. Please indicate size in Paypal notes when ordering. $10.00 postpaid.

75OL-090 Crotchthrottle - Slap-Fight at the Coffee Shop

Crotchthrottle is an enigma wrapped in a mystery stuffed in a taco, and deep fried in inscrutability. Details on the precise band line-up and history are hazy, but Jeremy Withers (of The Inclined is somehow involved. Some have said that this is his attempt to cash in on the recent abstract noise-drone boy-band trend, while others claim he is a mere studio lackey controlled by the shadowy Heiemeier Axia. Whatever the facts may be, the music is clearly the product of a deranged mind (or possibly a malevolent hive-mind) bent on hypnotizing the youth of America with repetitive "motorik" rhythms, constantly shifting drones, odd song structures and studio-manipulated melodies. Limited to 50 copies. $5.00 postpaid.

75OL-095 The Jesse Minute - Shut Up and Play

"Shut Up and Play" is the The Jesse Minute's latest studio release featuring a new rhythm section and renewed overall dynamic. The band underwent renovations following their June tour last summer and have been firing on all cylinders ever since. This release includes songs written over the past six months, plus new takes on unreleased favorites from their 2006 demo. Recorded and produced by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios in Allston Rock City. This is female fronted pop punk that's ablaze with rock, indie and straight up punk overtones....always memorable and never predictable. Limited to 250 silkscreened copies. $8.00 postpaid.

75OL-084 Wolverton Brothers - Crooked

"Crooked" is the Wolverton Brothers' newest release with seven songs clocking in at about 35 minutes, and marks a re-collaboration with record producer, Sir John Curley. This is a collection of songs about the extra-legal world around you, abuse of progeny, one about happiness, all finished with a special recipe. Its guitar rock, and it is more ectomorph than ever, showing off their gifts without any adornment. The Wolverton's unique sound continues to charge ahead, and for the better. Limited to 250 silkscreened copies. $8.00 postpaid.

75OL-093 Ming Toro - self titled ep

The musical quintet known as Ming Toro rises up from the industrial-waste-ridden flood plains of Pawtucket, RI, to smash you right in the adam's apple. Their special brand of seriously noisy indie rock is sure to cut through even the thickest tinnitus and tickle the shadows of the inner ear. Fans of garage rock, new wave, and certain sub-species of postpunk will not be disappointed! Co-release with Bucket Republic. Original copies included free 'Ming Toro Live at AS220 2010'. $7.00 postpaid.

75OL-088 Coma Coma - Chateau Rex

The full length 12 song debut from the Rhode Island-based trio incoporates all three members musical ideas and sound. Recorded at Summing Point in Newport, RI by Scott Rancourt in the winter of 2009-10, the album offers an eclectic look into the bands unique style of stoner/math rock. Influences include Fugazi, Radiohead, Jawbox, and Silkworm. $6.00 postpaid

75OL-097 The Jesse Minute - This Happened... Live @ AS220

This happened on March 1, 2010 at AS220 in Providence RI. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the band. This first live album release includes songs from both "Do or Die" and the forthcoming July 2010 release "Shut Up and Play". The band puts on a great live show and this ten song recording captures that energy. Limited to 110 copies. $5.00 postpaid

75OL-092 Mustache Ride - Live in Sneakytown

Recorded live at The Common Pub on Robert Downey Jr's Birthday (April 4th) in 2009. In this masterpiece are included previously unreleased tracks and a couple of covers (Jawbreaker's Bad Scene Everybody's Fault & Alkaline Trio's My Friend Peter). Fourteen songs in all. $7.00 postpaid

75OL-091 Mustache Ride - 20,000 Leagues Under the Scene

Recorded in 2005 at Satellite Studios w/ Emerson Torrey Sr and originally released in 2006 on Red Tide Records. Lots of relationships were added and dropped during the making of this record. Influences include Jawbreaker, Lagwagon, Decendents, and Against Me. Twelve tracks. $7.00 postpaid

75OL-089 Baylies Band - Man Ray & Vague Knitting

Baylies Band release their new album of all new material and third album for 75orLess. Recorded in Miami just prior to playing the International Noise Conference at Temple Of Bon Matin Headquarters. This record is an instrumental tribute to Terry Riley, John Cage, and the Flaming Lips. Songs 1 and 2 are the same length and in "C" like the Terry Riley classic. Song 3 is songs 1 and 2 combined, so instead of 4 keyboard players, a drummer and bassist, you double your fun. For fans of Blind Idiot God, Saccharine Trust, Faust, US Maple, 6 Finger Satellite, Sonic Youth, Acid Mothers Temple, and Tortoise. Put the two 23 minute songs together (for a third song) and you get a 69 minute sonic orgy for your listening pleasure. Limited to 200 silkscreened copies. $7.00 postpaid

75OL-087 Nature/Nurture - EP002

The second EP release from New Bedford's Nature/Nurture. Now expanded from a trio to a quartet, N/N stowed away in the Wamsutta Mills over the winter months in their freezing space and tracked the songs you hear on this EP. The shorter, noisier sound of EP001 has given way to longer, more nuanced songs with softer dynamics and a few keyboards added to the familiar wall of distorted guitars, bass, and drums. The entire mess was mixed and mastered into shape by Brian Cass of Overclock, Inc. Featuring re-recorded versions of 006 (from EP001) and 008 (from the now unavailable NBRock.net compilation) and 4 brand new songs. 100 silkscreened copies. $6.50 postpaid

75OL-086 Mark Cutler - Red

'Red' signals the return of Mark Cutler as a solo artist (with the help of many gifted friends including co-producer Emerson Torrey). A gifted guitarist and award-winning singer/songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island, Mark continues to add unique entries to the great American songbook and leads a variety of roots-rock bands. He spins tales about men who drink alone or hover over a lover. He sings stories about ghosts, midget wrestlers, walking in the woods, walking in the night, being remembered, just being alive and getting used to this. Like the character Travis Bickle, Mark will 'play anytime and anywhere' and sometimes he’ll show up alone with his guitar and sing for you whether you like it or not. Limited to 225 screen printed numbered copies. $12.00 postpaid

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