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Friday, December 05, 2008

mercury rev, my bloody valentine, afghan whigs, damien jurado

captains dead has Afghan Whigs 10-8-92 and My Bloody Valentine 9-22-08.

Ohm Park has Mercury Rev 11-24-08.

Largehearted Boy finds a tribute to the Magnetic Fields.

Daytrotter has a session with Damien Jurado.

I see catbird has chimed in on the best of list issue thats floating around. i hold his website in the highest regard and although i am a bit confused by what he is saying, i agree with him - stop overthinking things.

A best of list is simply the releases that a person enjoyed the most in the past year. their selections shouldn't be required to have changed their lives. and maybe a year from now some of the releases don't hold up and aren't listened to as much- big fucking deal. it's supposed to be a snapshot of what you enjoyed the most in the past year. agree, disagree, whatever. read it and move on to the next list. Make a list of your own, read others lists, maybe you will discover an album you missed. i tend to not bother to read them for two reasons-

1. there are too many
2. i trust my own ears over most reviews or lists

i have never really revisited my own best of lists but i am sure there are many i would regret and never listen to anymore but it doesn't change the fact that at the end of that year, when i made the list, i felt that those releases were my favorites for the previous year.

some people are sincere in their lists and others are not but when catbird namechecks Ian Curtis, Joe Strummer and equates music to lust, heartbreak, anxiety, and confusion and then two lines later wonders if we are in danger of taking the fun out of music, i may just be too drained from real life to feel any of those unpleasant emotions through music. i am jealous of him that he has digested the amount of music he has and still feels those things. to equate it to television, i tend to avoid shows that foist more drama into my life because life is dramatic enough. the last thing i need is to escape into a fantasy world for an hour that i spend stressing out over a fictional character.

the short version- stop looking at other people's lists and sneering or questioning their motives. be confident in your own choices and stop pretending you are better than anyone else. if someone enjoyed something more than you, so be it.

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