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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

from our friends over at Tiny Showcase

To the Tinyship of the Showcase Municipal Nation:

For those of you keeping track of my internet woes, I remain without a reliable source, a reliable internet dealer with internet hook-ups, and continue to trek through new cities with computers strapped to my back seeking out kind souls who believe in all that is The Showcase (Analogue Shop) while ON THE OTHER HAND, Jon B's got all the internet a man could ever need. The guy's practically rolling in internet; wasting away the TS Trust Fundz with online poker and Yahtzee (latter half = totally true. Dude's addicted to digital Yahtzee. Yup!)

So this Showcase, the one that's coming at you this very eve, this one is pretty serious. Do you guys know Ray Fenwick? Do you know what a letterpress print is? Do you know that I'm not allowed to use letterpress as an adjective or a verb or a hanging gerund anymore or else I get a messenger pigeon sent directly to my window from Dan the Letterpress Magician threatening to cut off my letterpressy letterpressing sourcez?

So you know how when you are writing something you are taught to write for your audience? Ray Fenwick is my audience, the one I envision when I pen my digital letters, the one I attempt to slay with language. He's so funny that it's sort of unfair. Much like the Red Sox vs. Yankees rivalry; he's the Yankees and I don't think he even knows there is a rivalry, whereas I sit in my basement printing shirts about our rivalry and selling them outside of stadiums.

He's funnier than I am. That's all there is to it. Man! It feels good to get that off my chest. He sends emails that make me laugh aloud in public places in foreign countries. And then again walking down the street when I remember them. And again. Basically he's my rival as well as my nemesis and I've tricked him into doing a TS print with no intention of paying him.

Check out his Flickr:

Check out his site: (Do not neglect the Drama Club link!)

Czech us out (7:30 EST PM 100 LETTERPRESS PRINTZZ!):

Over and out.
s. Finch and Jon b.

Shea'la is drinking: coffee mixed with tea

Jon is freaking out in anticipation of: The new season of Metalocalypse.

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