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Sunday, May 13, 2007

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5-10-07 New Masons review over at Midwest Record. The Masons "Let You Down Easy"- One man cult band comes back from a long lay off with an accidental record a fan encouraged him to make. Loaded with the kind of skewed observational songs that the slightly malcontented love, prime mover Kraig Jordan digs into the chest of songs that have been rolling around his head and drawer since his last set a long time ago. With a bunch of like minded pals with varying degrees of marquee value on board, the latest was delivered. Never falling into the twee trap, it's that kind of middle class nuttiness that college kids can't seem to get enough of.

The Masons have also been getting play on the wonderful Insomnia Radio.

4-30-07 Both Six Star General cds are back in print, this time with white jackets. $5.00. You can get the last remaining copies of the original pressing over at Interpunk on the web or if you live in the Rhode Island area, Armageddon Shop carries most of our releases.

4-27-07...75OL-017 Guntaard "Vote Monkey's Butt" is now available. Recorded between April 1996 and May 1998 using traditional instruments such as guitars, bass, and keyboards as well as drum machines, screwdrivers on metal tables for percussion, tape loops, television sets, electronic toys with dying batteries and cups full of ice. Thirteen tracks in 30 minutes. For fans of Ween, Trollin Withdrawal, Experimental Audio Research and the Butthole Surfers. Order it here.

SATURDAY JUNE 16 Six Star General, A Passing Feeling, Mustache Ride.

SATURDAY AUGUST 18 Live Fest with The 'Mericans, The F.I.D.'s, Killing Pablo, A Passing Feeling, The Masons, Fred Kendal Abong, Six Star General.

All Shows are 21+ No Cover.

75orLess Records Bands Upcoming Shows


May 12 Fontana's New York City, NY


May 12 AS220 Prov, RI

May 19 GrowRoom Prov, RI

Jul 7 2:00P Westcott Acres North Prov, RI

Jul 14 2:00P Secret Prov, RI

Jul 22 AS220 Prov, RI


May 11 The Penalty Box Providence, RI with SIX STAR GENERAL, HOPE ANCHOR

June 9 Jake's Bar & Grill with BLIZZARD OF 78



July 21 Jake's with unknown pals.


May 19 2007 Grain Division Leeds UK

May 22 2007 International Pop Overthrow @ Cavern Club Liverpool UK

4-9-07 Three new reviews in the April issue of Providence Monthly.

The Masons - Let You Down Easy

This is a sprawling record, jumping stylistically from song to song, but always remaining firmly rooted in 60's-style jangle and catchy hooks. Bounding from Kinks-y rock to roadhouse blues, to melancholy acoustic ballads like a less alcoholic Guided By Voices, the Masons deliver one of the most ecletic albums I've heard from a local band.

A Passing Feeling - We Might Not Sleep At All This Year

New York's A Passing Feeling bristle with energy and deliver a constant stream of hooks and melodies that evoke Ted Leo or the New Pornographers, but their sound is a bit more stripped down and raw. The guitars are trebly and frantic, the drums bash away insistantly, and the vocals are likely to be stuck in your head for hours afterwards.

Six Star General - Ice Machine

A pure-power trio, Six Star General delivers jagged, angular riffs in the vein of Wire, but with the swagger and punch of Black Flag. The simple lyrics beg to be chanted loudly in bars and the songs don't hang around long enough to indulge in solos, but for fans of powerful guitar rock, this is definately one to check out.

4-5-07 Many of the 75orLess Records bands were nominated for awards from the Rhode Island Arts magazines. In the Providence Phoenix, nominees are-

LOUD ACT Six Star General

ROOTS ACT The 'Mericans

BEST ALBUM 'Merican Recordings - The 'Mericans

BEST SONG "Man On Edge" by The Propellers, "Spaceman" by The Masons

In Motif Magazine, the nominee is-

ALBUM OF THE YEAR "Let You Down Easy" by The Masons.

Other friends of ours nominated include The Cold War, Badman, Barn Burning, The Wrong Reasons, Sharks Come Cruisin, Get Him Eat Him, Eric Fontana, Ben Pilgrim, Cuzin Eddy, Heather Rose, Superchief Trio, Neo Nouveau, Brunt of It, Mustache Ride.

3-30-07 Another review of The Masons in The Noise.

THE MASONS- Let You Down Easy

The Masons have built a big album here, 14 songs and clocking at 55 minutes. That's too much for me in one listen unless I'm zoning (read that to mean whatever you like). They could have split this into two albums- the material is that varied and good enough. However, that
small issue aside, the disc starts with a refreshing punkish blast of songcraft, only to be followed by a laid back psychedelic groove on the next song. Just when you think you're gonna get another punk song, they shift it DOWN even more with a harmonica-laden tune Neil Young
would be proud to sing. More energy appears as the songs go on, proving that the guys didn't get the hard on first and limp-dick it to the finish line later. Exact song critiques are out of the scope of this review, but let's say that these guys have an excellent groove
with great balance, power and musical sensibility -Mike Loce.

3-7-07 New review of The Masons - Let You Down Easy over at Not Lame

The Masons - Let You Down Easy

14 that dig in a lot of different and very cool places resulting in a treasure that is hard to describe beyond the simple statement "this is really, really good material!". Well, think some upbeat Luna, some early REM, Throwing Muses, some new wave pop circa 1981, Travelin' Wilburys/Tom Petty-cum-ELO, Mott The Hoople/Stones("Class Action"), My Morning Jacket and Ass Ponys and, well you hopefully get the idea, it's not going to be easily classifiable! That is a very good thing here, too. Let You Down Easy features appearances by Don Sanders (Medicine Ball), Dave Narcizo (Throwing Muses), Jeffrey Underhill (Velvet Crush), Eric Fontana, Sarah Lupo, and other Rhode Island musicians.

"Boasting an uncanny ability to craft a song which actually contains a melody line that's not only catchy but also creative, The Mason's core member and benevolent svengali Kraig Jordan, had a hand in writing each of the disc's fourteen tracks. To label these tracks as eclectic would win you the 2007 Understatement of the Year Award. There's something from all corners of the band's influence crate, which they pull off with varying degrees of effectiveness from song to song. I can hear everyone from Marc Bolan to Mark Knopfler on this record, all the while demonstrating an adept understanding of the elusive writing/recording/studio process. Perusing around the tracks is like taking an audible history lesson through the changing, varying styles that made up the rock & roll era.. The result is a creative and somewhat unorthodox project that is all about the song.-Motif Magazine. Very Highly Recommended.

Another great review of A Passing Feeling's - We Might Not Sleep At All This Year over at Is This Music?

A Passing Feeling- We Might Not Sleep At All This Year

With an inlay card which repeats ‘drink destroy’ and a drumbeat cribbed from ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’ to open, A Passing Feeling’s modus operandi is quite clear - janglesome punk rock which wades into our lives with the sole intention of nihilistic practices. Referencing off-kilter punk like the Minutemen, emo like the Promise Ring, and for UK-philes, the Libertines, it’s a tried-and-tested 10 songs in half-an-hour format as choruses are bellowed out, fingers are shredded on guitars strings and drum rims, and tears and sweat and tears are expunged. In other words, a draining shattering experience and one you’ll be all the better for.

3-5-07 New Review over at Indie Pages of the Lame Drivers- The Captain Amazing EP" (75orLess Records)

I know what you might be thinking - ten songs goes a bit beyond the definition of EP! Well, this is actually two EPs on a single disc; the first five tracks is a reissue of their self-released debut from 2004 that never reached more than a few people through homemade cd-rs, while the latter half of this disc is comprised of scattered songs recorded over the last couple years. In their best moments, they sound like a young Replacements or Guided By Voices (with some of the later songs even reminding me a bit of the Exploding Hearts), but then they'll include a song like "Gods Of Thunder And Lightning STRIKE!!!", which is basically the band joking around with instrumental metal in their garage for a few minutes. The first five songs were recorded in their basement, while the second five sound more like they came from a studio, but the songwriting is fairly consistent even if the fidelity isn't. This release is limited as well, so don't miss out again! MTQ=7/10

3-1-07...75OL-016 The F.I.D.'s "Cry Me a Rivet" is now available. The F.I.D.'s first release since 1997 has arrived in a silkscreened edition of 100 copies. "Cry Me a Rivet" spans the entire 12 year history of Rhode Island's least talented yet most beloved band. Nine tracks in 14 minutes. For fans of the Germs, Dead Milkmen, and The F.U.'s. Order it here.

2-10-07...75OL-015 The Masons "Let You Down Easy" is officially available for purchase. The first thirty copies will include a copy of The Mason's 1999 release "Change Me Back" in a special hand silkscreened and numbered edition. Order it here.

1-15-07 New review posted of the A Passing Feeling cd "We Might Not Sleep At All This Year" over at Indie Pages. Reposted here for your convenience.

A Passing Feeling - "We Might Not Sleep At All This Year"(75 Or Less)

Named after a Thermals song, this band really blew me away with their debut EP a couple years ago, so I was really looking forward to their first full-length. The music is a bit different this time around - not as hyperactive (and it sounds a bit less like the Thermals this time around, as well), but though the pace of the songs might have slowed a bit, there seems to be even more intensity to them somehow. Listening to these songs and the lyrics is like watching someone who believes they are completely indestructible (and quite possibly are) smashing through everything in their path, against all odds, to reach their destination. They may be exhausted or discouraged, but they rarely show it. A lot of the songs have a road/driving theme to them, as if they were written about (or in anticipation of) the trials of touring, which is something they plan to do a lot of, so look out for 'em! MTQ=10/10

1-1-07 Two 75orLess Records releases make the Top 15 local cds by Bob Gulla over at the Providence Phoenix.

The ’Mericans ’Merican Recordings

"Chris Daltry has always been an absorbing writer, and that quality surges abundantly on these Recordings. Inspired by the Johnny Cash effort of the same name (sort of), Daltry dawdles around that mysterious, romantic, pastoral mood that suits him so well. Here’s hoping for Volume 2."

Six Star General's Ice Machine

"Old school indie rock that hearkens back to the time when indie rock had balls. Recorded in four hours with no overdubs, this 11-song monster is a groove-a-rama in the vein of early Minutemen and Yo La Tengo, with lots of wah-wah, savage bass-drum rhythms, and angular brawn."

75orLess @ 6:10 AM

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